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Request for Withdrawal as Attorney of Record/Update of USPTO's Database After Power of Attorney Ends
TEAS - Version 5.12: 05/05/2018
Please enter the serial/registration number(s)* for which you, as the Attorney of Record, are seeking either to: 1) withdraw as the Attorney of Record pursuant to 37 C.F.R. §11.116; or 2) update the USPTO's database after a power of attorney has ended pursuant to 37 C.F.R. §2.17(g). For multiple requests, separate each number with a space only; do not use any punctuation.

WARNING: You must complete this form within 60 minutes or manually extend the time limit by clicking on the "O.K." button at the bottom of the pop-up window warning you that your session will expire in six minutes. If you exceed the 60-minute time limit, the form will not validate and you must begin the entire process again.

* You must complete any field preceded by the symbol "*"

WARNING: If entering multiple serial/registration numbers, the owner/holder of record must be identical for ALL listed numbers since the change of address information entered for the first number will apply to all. If the owner/holder is not the same, you MUST complete separate forms for each different owner/holder. Otherwise, upon withdrawal/update of the USPTO's database, the new correspondence address will be incorrect for any serial/registration number beyond the first one provided.

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