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On Saturday, April 29, 2017,TEAS 5.9 was released. Please see the TEAS & TEASi Maintenance and Enhancement Section of our website for a list of the release highlights. Of note, the "Download Portable Data" button has been renamed as "Save Form."

Combined Declaration of Continued Use/Excusable Nonuse and Incontestability Under Sections 71 and 15
(15 U.S.C. §§ 1141 & 1065)

TEAS - Version 5.9: 04/29/2017
You may file a Combined Declaration of Continued Use/Excusable Nonuse and Incontestability under Sections 71 and 15 only if you have continuously used a mark registered on the Principal Register in commerce for five (5) consecutive years after the date of U.S. registration. You must file the Combined Declaration, specimen, and fee on a date that falls on or between the fifth (5th) and sixth (6th) anniversaries of the U.S. registration (or, for an extra fee of $100.00 per class, you may file within the six-month grace period following the sixth anniversary date). If you have NOT continuously used the mark in commerce for five (5) consecutive years, you must still file a Section 71 Declaration. Please use the separate Declaration of Continued Use and Excusable Nonuse Under Section 71 form available from the Registration Maintenance/Renewal/Correction Forms index. FAILURE TO FILE THE SECTION 71 DECLARATION WILL RESULT IN CANCELLATION OF THE U.S. REGISTRATION AND INVALIDATION OF THE PROTECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION IN THE UNITED STATES.

NOTE: You must complete any field preceded by the symbol "*".

WARNING: This form has a session time limit of 60 minutes. Your "session" began as soon as you accessed this initial Form Wizard page. If you exceed the 60-minute time limit, the form will not validate and you must begin the entire process again; you can, however, extend the time limit. You should always try to have all information required to complete the form prior to starting any session.

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WARNING: Be sure you are entering a registration number and NOT a serial number.

WARNING: The owner/holder of a registered extension of protection of an international registration to the United States must renew  the international registration directly with the International Bureau (IB). Under Section 70(b) of the Trademark Act, if the international registration is not renewed, the IB will notify the USPTO that the registration has expired. The USPTO will update its record to expire the corresponding extension of protection to the United States as of the expiration date of the international registration.

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