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Combined Declaration of Use of Mark in Commerce and Application for Renewal of Registration of a Mark under Section 8 & 9
(15 U.S.C. §§ 1058 & 1059)

TEAS - Version 5.10: 07/15/2017
You must file a Section 8 affidavit/declaration, specimen, and fee on date that falls on or between the ninth (9th) and tenth (10th) anniversaries of the registration, and each successive ten-year period thereafter (or, for an extra fee of $100.00 per class, you may file within the six-month grace period). Also, you must file a renewal application within the same period (or, for an extra fee of $100.00 per class, you may file within the six-month grace period following the registration expiration date). FAILURE TO FILE THIS DOCUMENT WILL RESULT IN CANCELLATION/EXPIRATION OF THE REGISTRATION. Note: Because the time for filing a ten-year Section 8 affidavit/declaration coincides with the time for filing a Section 9 renewal application, you may use this combined §§ 8 & 9 form.

NOTE: You must complete any field preceded by the symbol "*".

WARNING: This form has a session time limit of 60 minutes. Your "session" began as soon as you accessed this initial Form Wizard page. If you exceed the 60-minute time limit, the form will not validate and you must begin the entire process again; you can, however, extend the time limit. You should always try to have all information required to complete the form prior to starting any session.

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WARNING: Be sure you are entering a registration number and NOT a serial number.

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