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Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register
Version 6.1
NOTE: For an instructional video providing an overview of the most important issues you should be aware of when filing a trademark application, click here.

To file the application electronically, please complete the following steps:
  1. Answer the first question below to create an application form showing only sections relevant to your specific filing.
  2. For help at any point, click on any underlined word on any page.
  3. After answering the first wizard question, click on the CONTINUE button at bottom of the page.
  4. Once in the actual form, complete all fields with a * symbol, since they are mandatory fields for TEAS filing purposes.
  5. Validate the form, using the "Validate" button at the end of the form. If there are errors, return to the form to make the correction. A "Warning" may be corrected or by-passed.
  6. Double-check all entries through the links displayed on the Validation page.
  7. You may save your work for submission at a later time by clicking on the Save Form button at the bottom of the Validation page.
  8. When ready to file, use the Pay/Submit button at the bottom of the Validation page. This will allow you to choose from three (3) different payment methods: credit card, automated deposit account, or electronic funds transfer.
  9. After accessing the proper screen for payment, and making the appropriate entries, you will receive a confirmation screen if your transmission is successful. This screen will say SUCCESS! and will provide your assigned serial number.
  10. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your submission, which will include the assigned serial number and provide a summary of your submission.
Once you submit this application, we will not cancel the filing or refund your fee. The fee is a processing fee, which we do not refund even if we cannot issue a registration after our substantive review.

Important:  ONCE YOU SUBMIT AN APPLICATION ELECTRONICALLY, THE USPTO WILL IMMEDIATELY ISSUE AN ELECTRONIC ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEIPT. Please contact if you do not receive this acknowledgment within 24 hours of transmission.

Contact Points:

  • General trademark information: Please review the information posted at Where Do I Start. If you have remaining questions, email, or telephone 1-800-786-9199.
  • Help: For instructions on how to use the electronic forms, or help in resolving technical glitches, please email Please include your telephone number in your email, so we can talk to you directly, if necessary. Also, include the relevant serial number or registration number, if existing.
    NOTE: The TEAS Support Team focuses on problems related to the process of completing the electronic forms, not on what information would be correct for entry within a form, or other broader trademark issues. Please route those types of inquiries to the Trademark Assistance Center. However, please be aware that neither group can provide any sort of information in the nature of "legal advice." For legal advice, please consider contacting an attorney who specializes in intellectual property.
  • Bug Report: If you think there is a "bug" within one of the electronic forms, please click Bug Report.
  • Status Information: For an application with an assigned serial number, check the Trademark Status & Document Retrieval (TSDR) system to view current status information, as well as the complete prosecution history. Do not attempt to check the status of a filing until at least 7-10 days after submission of the filing, to allow sufficient time for all USPTO databases to be updated. You can view all items listed in the prosecution history section online via the TSDR system, including all Office actions sent by the USPTO.

WARNING: This form has a session time limit of 60 minutes. Your "session" began as soon as you accessed this initial Form Wizard page. If you exceed the 60-minute time limit, the form will not validate and you must begin the entire process again; you can, however, extend the time limit. You should always try to have all information required to complete the form prior to starting any session.

1. Please select one of the filing options below.

of goods/services. TEAS Regular applicants are strongly encouraged, although not required, to authorize email correspondence and use the Trademark Electronic Application System for subsequent application-related submissions.

2. Is an attorney filing this application?

Foreign-domiciled owners/holders must have a U.S.-licensed attorney represent them before the USPTO in any application- or registration-related filing. Information about hiring a U.S.-licensed attorney can be found on the USPTO website.


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