Trademark Electronic Application System

Allegation of Use
(Statement of Use/Amendment to Allege Use)
(15 U.S.C. ยง1051(c) or (d))
TEAS - Version 6.1
You may file an Allegation of Use ONLY before the application to register the mark has been approved for publication OR after a Notice of Allowance for the application has been issued. NOTE: To delete a Section 1(b) filing basis entirely from an application, or as a basis for an entire class, you must use the specific Request To Delete Section 1(B) Basis, Intent To Use form. WARNING: Unlike with an Amendment to Allege Use filed before an application has been approved for publication, you may not withdraw a Statement of Use (SOU) filed after a Notice of Allowance has been issued if the SOU fails to meet the statutory requirements. However, you may file one "insurance" extension request with the SOU, or afterwards, in the limited situation where time remains in the existing six-month period in which the SOU was filed. This would give you additional time to comply with the statutory requirements for filing the SOU.

NOTE: You must complete any field preceded by the symbol "*".

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: (required only if completing the Trademark/Service Mark Allegation of Use form; otherwise, access saved form, below)

If appropriate to file at this time, please answer all of the questions below to create an Allegation of Use form showing only sections relevant to you. Then press the NEXT button. For more information regarding any of the following questions or topics, either go to HELP or click on the underlined word.
Is the applicant filing a Request to Divide as part of this Allegation of Use?

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