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Voluntary Amendment Form
TEAS - Version 5.5 : 12/05/2015

  • 60 MINUTE TIME LIMIT: This form "times-out" 60 minutes after accessing this page unless you extend the time limit when the time-out warning appears on screen. To avoid timing out, please have all information ready before starting your session.
  • DO NOT USE YOUR BROWSER BACK/FORWARD BUTTONS: Use only the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • REQUIRED FIELDS: All have an ASTERISK (*), and the form will not validate if these fields are not filled-out.


STEP 1: To use this form, you must wait approximately 7-10 days after your original submission. Please first ensure that all of the original application data has been fully loaded into the USPTO's TSDR system before attempting to use this form.

WARNING: While you may successfully submit a Voluntary Amendment, the filing will NOT result in any information being automatically uploaded into the USPTO's databases. An examining attorney must review the amendment to determine whether the proposed change(s) is acceptable. Also, you may submit a Voluntary Amendment for an application filed under the Madrid Protocol (Section 66(a)) only for limited purposes.

If making additional information part of the record for a registration where no change would result to either the Trademark Database or the registration certificate (e.g., providing information concerning use by a related party or specifying the dates of use for specific goods/services within a class), the USPTO will neither examine nor act on such submissions. Otherwise, if you wish to correct or amend information that is on the registration certificate, do not use this form; instead, you must file a Section 7 Request for Amendment or Correction of Registration Certificate.


: (Do not enter serial/registration number if you are accessing your saved form.)

NOTE: This button should not be used to attempt to upload or attach any other file, for example, a specimen image or a foreign registration certificate. For these or any other types of attachments, after answering "Yes" to the appropriate wizard question(s), you can then attach the file within the specific part of the form relating to that issue.

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