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Change of Correspondence Address
TEAS - Version 5.3 : 01/17/2015
Please enter the serial/registration number(s) of your pending application. If the requested change is for an existing registration, you must still enter the original serial number assigned to that filing, accessed by entering the registration number in TSDR, if necessary. To change more than one application or registration, enter multiple serial numbers (but not exceeding 300 serial numbers per request form, separating each with a space, with no punctuation). Click on the "Continue" button below to access the form for entering your information.

NOTE: Use this form only to change a Correspondence Address. To change either an actual Power of Attorney or Appointment of Domestic Representative, use the Revocation of Attorney/Domestic Representative and/or Appointment of Attorney/Domestic Representative form. To change the physical address of the applicant or owner, use the Change of Owner's Address form. Additionally, the Change of Correspondence Address form and the Change of Owner's Address form may NOT be used to change the applicant's name or to transfer ownership of an application or registration from one party to another. Those steps must be done through the Assignments Division. For more information, click here. To file an Assignment electronically, click here.

Note:You must complete any field preceded by the symbol "*". ONLY the applicant or its attorney is qualified to sign this form requesting a change of the correspondence address data.

WARNING: This form has a session time limit of 60 minutes. Your "session" began as soon as you accessed this initial Form Wizard page. If you exceed the 60-minute time limit, the form will not validate and you must begin the entire process again; you can, however, extend the time limit. You should always try to have all information required to complete the form prior to starting any session.


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